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A passion to share

Your photographer in Paris

My name is Javier Piña, and I am a graduate of Graphic Design from the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Colombia, a degree that gave me the opportunity to explore fields such as art direction and photographic retouching. My interest in virtual media led me to leave the country in order to achieve a better professional experience and a new vision of the world.
I lived in Argentina and Europe, but when I arrived in France I was easily “captivated” by all the wonders of Paris, a city that I had been curious about since I was very young. I often admire the “layers of human history” that this city hides, and every time I go out I feel like a tourist. This feeling grows every time I accompany a new visitor through the city, capturing their journey so that they can preserve these moments forever.
Four months after I arrived in the ‘City of Lights’ I decided to collect information from my experiences on an Instagram account which I, along with my girlfriend, called Paris in Spanish (@ParisEnEspanol).Experiences, discoveries in restaurants, museums, bars and streets through articles and photographs give shape to this beautiful project.

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In this account you will see my daily and personal side, the places I frequent, what I eat and my personal environment. In addition, the feed is full of photographs with information of the places where I travel, whether inside or outside Europe.

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It is an Instagram account that was born out of the need for a large community of Hispanics who live or want to visit Paris, and who encounter endless problems due to language. You will find information about prices, unusual places, and stories of this beautiful city.